January 2021 – June 2022 Family Sentiment Scorecard

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About the Scorecard

One dimension of our effort is a Scorecard to capture the Family sentiments of the current House of Representatives. This is our first Scorecard and covers the votes from January, 2021 to July, 2022.


Selection Process

  1. Issues: Of all the House Resolutions voted on by the 117th Congress, our directors and advisers selected 30 (19 from the 2021 session and 11 in the 2022 session up to the summer recess) that reflected the Family in accordance with our Statement of Principles. These House Resolutions are found by clicking the name of any Member of Congress.
  2. Who Was Scored: We scored those members of the House of Representatives who were in their office from January, 2021 until the summer recess of 2022. Therefore, only 427 (of 435) House Districts are scored.


Highlighting the Respect for Marriage Act

Scoring HR 8404 (Respect for Marriage Act): This act most deeply contradicts our core values, yet many Members with Pro-Family rankings voted for it. We debated weighing this vote disproportionately but, in the end, we decided to simply highlight those who received a Pro-Family score but voted YEA (or abstained from voting) on HR 8404.


Click on the name of the Member of Congress to view voting record.