Our Kitchen Table

Our podcast, “Our Kitchen Table,” will explain to families across the country how the Federal government operates—with all its complexities, challenges, and compromises. Armed with a better understanding of an issue, the more active among the audience will be equipped to intelligently, calmly and cordially articulate to their elected representatives how to shape a family agenda.

Format: Creating an environment at the intersection of Mr. Rogers and Howard Stern, two show hosts, one male and one female, savvy and acutely political journalists, pose as a married couple. Once each week, over their kitchen table, they discuss some irksome issue that their family is encountering. The doorbell rings. The dog barks. And the guest is welcomed to Our Kitchen Table for a half hour discussion of the issue. Sometimes the couple is joined by one of their children who introduces the issue. Sometimes a neighbor is on hand to give the conversation an extra twist. Always there is a search for an action at the Federal level that can be brought to the attention of the listener’s Senator and Member of Congress.

Possible Showlist:

  • What is the Chevron doctrine and how does it interfere with the principle of subsidiarity?
  • Has Congress gone overboard in delegating its authority? Should the Supreme Court step in?
  • Is the family adequately protected by the Constitution? Does the 14th Amendment help or harm the family?
  • The Department of Education should be an aid to all children, not just public school children. What can be done by Congress to achieve this?
  • How can Congress eliminate funding for specific programs that are harming our children sponsored by the Department of Education?
  • Can Congress do anything to promote strong families?
  • How can health care be affordable and better serve the needs of families?
  • Election integrity: removing all doubts.
  • Why doesn’t Congress treat the working class with as much respect as they show the elites?
  • Why do politicians cater to corporations but ignore families? How can this be changed?
  • Is there a child credit that would be fair to working families?
  • Why pay so much for college if all they teach is “wokism”?
  • What would a pro-family foreign policy look like?
  • How can the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) get back to real science?
  • How to tackle the federal substantive due process jurisprudence, which has done much to undermine and redefine the family over the last 50 years?
  • In lieu of the Dobbs outcome, is it reasonable to get more Federal dollars to crisis pregnancy centers?
  • Do U.S. colleges need financial assistance from taxpayers?
  • With so many pro-life politicians in Congress, why does Planned Parenthood continually get funded?
  • What caused the baby formula shortage and why was the sleeping agency responsible for it awarded a bonus?
  • Is there a Federal attack on Charter and parochial schools? What can Congress do?
  • During the Trump administration, many Federal employees refused to do their jobs if what they were being asked to do conflicted with their politicaL ideology. Why can’t these people be fired?
  • Facial recognition, Federal surveillance, etc. Can we please have our lives back?
  • Can there be a Federal policy toward families who home school? How would it look?
  • Intelligence agency methods to influence the public opinion in foreign countries has been turned on us. Is thought-control by the Federal government constitutional?
  • During this period of inflation, could we keep Federal spending at the 2019 level since much of this inflation is due to Federal policies?
  • At tax time: Is the IRS pro-family?