An internship is available in Washington, D.C. for someone interested in journalism or criminal investigation.

In the summer of 2016 a young man working for the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign was shot dead on the streets of Washington, DC. The murder was never solved and those who voiced a suspicion of foul play were silenced as conspiracy theorists and Q-anon crazies.

Whether the murder will ever be solved is in doubt. 

However, there were claims at the time that the Mayor of DC obstructed justice by shutting down the murder investigation. The reason: out of respect for the victim’s family. There were also claims that Mayor Bowser and her live-in girlfriend, Donna Brazile, arrived at the hospital before the ambulance carrying the dying Seth Rich arrived and instructed the doctors to withhold treatment (i.e. let him die).

There are 3 members of the Congressional committee overseeing the District of Columbia who would support an investigation into this matter if enough evidence warrants it. Such an investigation might lead to the revocation of the DC Home Rule Charter, if not criminal charges to the guilty parties.

The investigator would accumulate all the publicly available information, track down and assess the veracity of the claims and prepare a report that the investigator will present to members of Congress who would then judge whether the evidence is sufficient to proceed to an investigation.

This position is an opportunity to do real damage to the Democratic machine and work with some of the most dynamic members of the House of Representatives. It is currently UNPAID. If a funder can be found during the course of the investigation, proper compensation will be available.

Tom McDonough


Protecting the Family from the Federal Government