Reframing the Conversation

The family is the basic cell of society with a unique role in human affairs. The strength of a nation relies on the strength of its families. Yet the family in the United States, due to a combination of social, educational and policy influences, has been disintegrating for decades. This does not bode well for our country. 

The American Family Project is a bi-partisan revolution hammering out a new system of justice by putting the family at the center of public policy discussions. Armed with arguments from the past and experience from the present, we defend the traditional family with a combination of carefully reasoned policy recommendations in line with our Statement of Principles.

In ordinary times, families are interested only in what directly affects them and show a remarkable apathy, even an ignorance of, public affairs and voting. These days though, there is a sudden awareness that we have been going in a wrong direction and are at a very bad place with little comprehension of what can be done. The American Family Project, Inc. unpacks complex and often obscure legislative and judicial rulings that affect the everyday lives of families and suggests changes.

At AFP we:

  • Publish the Congressional Family Sentiment Scorecard every six months based on selected votes in the House of Representatives pertaining to our Interest Areas.
  • Assist the Congressional Family Caucus, created at our suggestion, to carry out its mission of identifying and promoting the interests of the family.
  • promote education, research and conferences in our Interest Areas.

We hope that within a few election cycles we will see a bipartisan pro-family discussion in Congress and around the country that will reframe morality and the political discussion.