Richard Reinsch II The Goodness of the American Founding

Richard Reinsch II is the editor of Seeking the Truth, An Orestes Brownson Anthology, (2016) and author, with the late Peter Lawler, of A Constitution in Full, Recovering the Unwritten Foundation of American Liberty (2019). He is currently Editor in Chief and Director of Publications for the American Institute for Economic Research, and a Senior Writer at Law & Liberty.

Elliot Bartky:              Culture and Politics

Eliot Bartky is Emeritus Professor of Political Science Purdue University Fort Wayne. He is the author, with S. Crouse, of “Orestes Brownson on the Democratic Principle and the Fourteenth Amendment”. For twenty years, he lectured in the Great Books Program at the University of Notre Dame; one great book being Brownson’s masterwork, The American Republic

Robert Moffit:            Federalism

Robert Moffit’s doctorate in Political Science from the University of Arizona explored the constitutional theory of Orestes Brownson. His essays on Brownson have appeared on Heritage Foundation’s website and in The Catholic Historical Review, Modern Age, Law & Liberty and Perspectives on Political Science. He is currently Senior Research Fellow, Center for Health and Welfare Policy at the Heritage Foundation specializing in health care and entitlement programs, especially Medicare.

Tom McDonough

Thomas McDonough has been the Executive Director of American Family Project since its inception in 2021. After 35 years in commercial real estate finance and development, including eight years in Prague, Czech Republic he began writing. He is the author of An Eye for Others, Dorothy Day, Journalist 1916-1917 and No Small Goals, the Life of Ernesto Cofiño. His essays have appeared in Gilbert!, First Things, The Hill (with Rep. Mary Miller, IL-15), American Greatness, and The American Conservative.