Opening Comment

Opening Comment

This blog will be used to describe American Family Project’s justification for scores as necessary and for other purposes.

The U.S. Constitution is the best form of government for the Family. It recognizes the limitations of the Federal government and allows for the legitimate autonomy of less complex societies, particularly the Family. 

As I pointed out in an article at The American Conservative Orestes Brownson wrote over a century ago, “I cannot conceive a more profoundly philosophic, or more admirably devised constitution, than that of our own government,” but lamented, “the people have forgotten its providential origin, treat it as their own creation, as a thing they have made, and may alter or unmake at their pleasure.” They regard the violation of the Constitution as “no moral offense, for it is the violation of no moral law, of no eternal and immutable right. Nothing hinders the people, when they find the constitution in the way of some favorite project on which they are bent, from trampling it under their feet, and passing on as if it never had any existence.”

American Family Project, Inc. strongly holds to Brownson’s principle. Deviations from the Constitution, usurping the rights of the States, are disparaged. Our Congressional Family Sentiment Scorecard gives its highest marks to those legislative acts that fully conform to the constitution.

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